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Do you know that the majority of the 7.9 billion people, the current world population as of February 2022, do not know the TRUTH of who we are? Have you ever asked yourself deep and serious questions? “Who am I? What am I? Am I my body? Am I my thoughts, mind, and emotions? Do I have a specific purpose or just gallivanting around?” The list goes on to the curious and serious seekers of the TRUTH- the core of our BEING.

Not knowing the answer to these questions and the ultimate truth of our being has been the cause of a lot of pain and suffering in humanity. We keep on creating new ego-based identities and labels for ourselves thinking that it will make us happy, fulfilled, accepted, and loved; when in reality, it is pushing us away farther from the TRUTH. The harder we try, the more our feelings of not being good enough or worthy, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, confusion, and other low-density heavy emotions arise.

Usually, it is after going through adversity, and even reaching rock bottom before we start asking these eye-opening questions. Why waste time and start living in our truth NOW? So “Who am I?” beyond all the personal, social, religious, cultural, and ego-created identities? Asking questions and learning about the truth can lead us into the doorway and entry point to the core of our being. Our true self is our AUTHENTIC HEART SIGNATURE! Out of 7.9 billion people on this planet, no two people are the same. How cool is that? It is our individualized unique essence that is connected to the Divine/Source/God/Higher Power.

We have the spark of the divine in our hearts. Therefore, we are a lot more powerful than we think. The spark is God’s flame- his gift of life to us. It encompasses his attributes of Love, Peace, Wisdom, Power, Abundance, etc. This is our TRUTH! What we have been searching for is already all within us. We have been living in a lie and are led to believe that we are broken and not good enough. We have been programmed and conditioned to be in survival mode, limitation, and separation. We have been living to conform and meet family, society, religion, government, etc. expectations. We have been trying to be loved, accepted, and acknowledged by people who do not love, accept, and acknowledge themselves.

Do you agree that it is about time to change the paradigm, and live in our TRUTH and TRUE POWER? Are you then WILLING and READY to:

  1. “Peel the layers” that you have accumulated based on the lie?
  2. Shift your life from fear/pain/suffering/victim mentality to love/joy/peace/empowerment?
  3. Transcend beyond the ego/false self to live from the heart?
  4. Let go of the past/limiting beliefs/habits to infinite potential/possibility/purpose?
  5. Stop just surviving and start thriving?
  6. Transform from a victim mentality and rise to be empowered, fearless, and unstoppable?
  7. End despair to self-love and accept and embrace the totality of you?

The TRUTH is, we are divine beings of love and light, living a human experience here on earth. Living in our TRUTH is living in our Authentic Self or Heart Signature. It is our individualized unique essence, where the Divine/God/Higher Power expresses itself, its love, and its perfection through us, in us, and as us.

Remembering, rediscovering, and reconnecting to our Authentic Heart Signature unleashes our natural states of being of Love, Peace, Joy, and Presence that emerges like a Phoenix rising from its ashes. Living authentically in our TRUTH will ripple out the energies of True Power, Possibility, Potential, and Healing to everyone and the world for the highest good of all.

This is the time of great mass awakening! People are becoming more conscious and aware that we are all interconnected – one consciousness, one energy, one love. Many are reconnecting to their hearts, aligning to the divine, orienting back to nature, and getting their power back. If this resonates with you, and you are ready to experience the miracle that you are, your amazingness, and magnificence, connect with Suyen now!

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Authentic Heart Signature Supports, Empowers, and Guides women who are ready and willing to transform their lives from just "Surviving" to "Thriving" in their True Power, Potential and Possibility; and choose to Live and Experience Life in their Uniqueness, which is their "Authentic Heart Signature."

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