Suyen Bailey

Meet Suyen

“Live and experience life in your truth and uniqueness, as God/Source/the Divine expresses itself through you, in you and as you. This is your Authentic Heart Signature, your Divine Superpower!.”
– Suyen Angbetic Bailey

Suyen was born and raised by traditional Roman Catholic parents in the Philippines. Growing up, she loved playing outdoors, watching sunsets, riding her bike, and going with her mother and Big Mama (grandma) to couturiers. Her best memories were designing her clothes since 5th grade and traveling 2-3 times per year by boat visiting family and friends on different islands of the country. She attended an all-girls Catholic private school from kindergarten to college where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

In 1982, she studied Fashion Design in California to pursue her dream of becoming a Fashion Designer. With high hopes and ambition, she moved to the Fashion Capital of the world, New York City where she also attended a Charm/Finishing school. It is in the “Big Apple” where she met her ex-husband. The trajectory of her dream went from working as an Assistant Fashion Designer on 7th Ave., Fashion Avenue of the Americas for a Korean evening wear company to being in a controlling and abusive marriage that lasted 23 years.

Suyen’s children have been her inspiration to always thrive and never give up. Her journey from darkness to light became an unending quest for self-discovery, self-realization, and self-improvement. Instead of going to therapy, she chose to study one healing modality after another. She did not only evolve to be an empowered woman, but healed herself from chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, physical pain, and other extreme stress-related symptoms due to being in a controlling and abusive relationship. Initially just to heal herself and her family, she uses her life challenges and 16-year knowledge of energy healing and coaching as opportunities to support/help others.

Certified in six different healing modalities, Suyen’s approach to coaching and energy healing facilitation is very unique and customized. She believes that everyone is at a different level of consciousness and awareness with incomparable backgrounds and experiences. Gentle, warm, compassionate, and firm- her sessions and workshops are interactive, healing, fun, educational, transformational, and empowering.

Suyen loves life and is a lifelong learner. She has a variety of interests. She is into total wellness in mind, body, spirit & emotions, meditates and do breathing exercises daily, does breathing exercises, spends a lot of time in nature/grounding, plays the piano, singing crystal bowls, loves to dance, hula-hoop, go boating, travel, cook, eat out, watch movies/sunsets/boats/full moons/birds, and FaceTime with 5 grandsons and children. Life is never a dull moment for her, even amid a pandemic! Always grateful for life every moment every day!

Degrees, Diplomas, Certifications:

Bachelor of Science & Business Administration, Fashion Design, Finishing & Charm School, Success Coach – Life & Business Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Reiki – Levels 1 & 2, Emotion Code, Spontaneous Transformation Technique – Levels 1 & 2, Ho ‘Oponopono, Advanced Life Transformed Coach, Genesis Point – Level 1, Sound Healing, and attended countless transformational training, workshops, and seminars.