Authentic Heart Goddess Circle
Authentic Heart Goddess Circle

” “I AM” the Source, Center & Pillar of my PEACE; that will ripple out energetically to the people around me, the city I am in, state, country, continent and the world.”
– Suyen Angbetic Bailey

A GODDESS today means connecting and embodying the POWER of the DIVINE FEMININE. It is about finding inner peace, joy, wisdom, compassion, creativity, strength, harmony, and living in our authentic empowered self even in the midst of chaos and adversity.

The purpose of the Global Energetic Peace Circle is to go within our hearts and ignite the spark of the Divine Feminine’s True Power, in order to reflect the divine light of Peace, Love and Presence out to the world. Most of all, to be a catalyst in shifting the energy of the world for the better to benefit generations to come and planet earth.

This is an ENERGETIC CIRCLE for women around the world. You can be a part of the circle no matter where you live because we are all connected energetically. It is a free 20–30 minute session, process, meditation, ceremony, healing, activation, releasing, reflection, or prayer whatever resonates with you.

If you have any questions and would like to join the circle, please send an email to:

The energetic circles are FREE of charge, or you can choose to do a gratitude energy exchange. This can be done in kind or monetary exchange that you feel is a fair exchange. Gratitude Energy Exchange

Thank you for your interest in the Global Energetic Peace Circle. Here are the links to access the free meditation.

1. Introduction:
2. Meditation

May this meditation assist you in accessing the peace that’s already in you, your natural state of being. Listen repeatedly if you can until it becomes more natural to you.
Please share if you like. It would be an honor to have your light be another ripple and catalyst in spreading PEACE in the world.
You can send me a message at if you have any questions about the mediation, energy healing/releasing, or coaching.