“I consciously choose to be solidly grounded in my inner-peace, serenity and tranquility; that nothing outside of me will disturb my total well being, in mind, body, emotions & spirit.”
– Suyen Angbetic Bailey

Do you want to release your pent-up emotions? Do you want to get rid of your grief and heartache? Do you want to release past trauma? Suyen at Authentic Heart Signature can help you release emotional, spiritual, or mental blockages that prevent you from living a loving, healthy, and happy life.

Our Energy Healing services include:

  • Emotion Code. This service is designed to help you release trapped emotions and emotional baggage. Suyen will work closely with you to help you identify trapped emotions and release them one at a time. Sessions can be used to target specific emotional issues or they can be used to work toward general wellness.
  • Reiki. Reiki Healing is a non-invasive and gentle energy healing method that promotes holistic health – body, mind, and spirit. It brings numerous benefits such as deep relaxation, healing emotional wounds, removal of energy blockages, pain relief, immune system support, and more.
  • Spontaneous Transformation Technique. The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT) is a healing method to help one access and overcome deeply buried past traumas. It combines body, mind, and soul in a guided process to make a positive change in your psyche and/or body. It can be used to relieve the burden of psychological barriers and physical pain so that you can live a free and happy life again.
  • Hypnotherapy. Suyen uses hypnotherapy to access memories, trauma, emotional reactions, and more. It gives us a window into your subconscious and it allows us to better understand your situation and allows us to trace the energy of your trauma back to its source. Through the power of subconscious suggestions, Authentic Heart Signature aims to help you achieve emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being, inner peace, and enlightenment.
  • Ho’Oponopono. Ho’Oponopono is a Hawaiian practice characterized by making things right among two people or groups of people. It is a practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Its basic technique is simple: You have to repeat 4 key phrases namely, I’m Sorry; Please Forgive Me; I Love You; and Thank You. There is no particular order. You simply have to pick the phrase that best suits your situation and healing process.

How Energy Healing Can Change Your Life

Here are some ways that energy healing can change your life:

  • You can identify how everything flows (or doesn’t ) in your life.
    The first step to creating the life that you want is by understanding that everything is about energy. Through energy healing, you can begin to understand what/how you can use your energy system to drain or create your energy. It can also help you gain a better understanding of how you can channel your “Self” in life, and what energy you may need to let go of.
  • You can reclaim your inner power.
    Your inner power originates from a place where you feel the most connected to your “Self” and can access your inspiration, energy, imagination, and more. Through energy healing, you can bring balance to them and access your inner power.
  • You can release anything that doesn’t serve you on your journey
    Energy healing helps you identify and let go of any past trauma, baggage, or issues that prevent you from growing and evolving. To move forward, you need to release negative energy, and instead, concentrate on energies that benefit you.
  • You can attract more things into your life and establish deeper connections.
    Once you release old or negative energy, you now have more room to welcome new ties and connections into your life. Energy healing allows you to create a new space, ensuring that your energy system is balanced so that you can attract more of the things that you want.

What Energy Healing Session Should I Choose?

Choosing what type of energy healing you want is completely up to you and your needs. Some people may enjoy the personal touch of a Reiki session, while some may be more inclined to choose hypnotherapy for their needs. Rest assured, no matter what type of energy healing service you choose, Suyen at Authentic Heart Signature can guide you throughout the process and help you every step of the way.

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